By: Mohammed Dhia Al-Shirwani

December 23, 2021

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            Would introduce myself, as an advanced Iraqi philatelist and looking forward to expand my contact network and to establish more stamp trades as possible with the philatelists around the world. I used to be an active member in the Iraqi philatelist society, but not any longer. Unfortunately, the society didn’t cop with the latest law amendments since the year 2003. However and because of the continuous irregularity in Iraq, no body considers the importance of its legal stance. The Society though is still considered as a solo representation of the philatelists here in Iraq.

            Being an expert, I was also appointed as a member in the Iraqi stamps design committee several times. Would therefore appreciate your feedback and/or suggestions for a better Iraqi looking stamp.

            For my collections, I prefer referring to Michel stamps catalogue numbering and value quotations. However, would be pleased to utilize Scott, Yvert or Stanley Gibbons catalogues for the identification of your possible Iraqi stamp wants.

            As I have a fare stock of Iraqi mint stamps, would be pleased to work out your Iraqi stamps lists in mint condition, as well as used stamp collections and domestic and international traveled covers.

            I may swap those you would order in exchange to my wants, which you might offer from the countries I collect and in accordance to the different web linked want lists, which you could find on the left side of this page. I also have more from other countries to spare. Check My stock, or else refer to a downloadable PDF by clicking on PDF.

        I also propose selling Iraqi stamps as well as the new issues service. Furthermore, I could provide FDCs, S/Sheets, Different used stamps collections, inland, world travelled covers and many others. For the Iraqi stamp listings, please go through my latest Priced Iraqi issues list. Older listings are also linked as shown in the left side of this page.

            For more information, please Email me specifying your wishes. I promise to reply all received Emails.

            A newsletter service updating all about the new Iraqi stamp releases is available. I will be pleased to include your Email address in my newsletter’s address book by Clicking.

            All payment arrangements and facilities are possible.

            Please feel free to correspond in English, French, and German as well as in Arabic.

            For more information, please post your inquiries to me addressed to:


PO. Box 55220,

Baghdad Post Office,

Hay Al-Kindy, 213/50/4,

Baghdad, Iraq.


Mobile Tel. (What’s App): +964 7904 371 842

Over SkyPe: shirwani3

Face book:


Or simply Email me:




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